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Monetize your device with Net Ninjas

cloud services

Monetize your device with Net Ninjas


our mission

Net Ninjas’ platform will help reduce the global electricity consumtion by supporting decentralized infrastructure. We aim to provide safe, transparent, and accessible tools for renting your personal device (phone, CPU, hard drive, GPU…) to our global network of partners.
A portion of the profits will be used to support subsidized infrastructure for social impact and human rights projects.


Simply download the Net Ninja client and begin earning fiat or crypt currency. Instead of dealing with different websites, download instructions, and settings for every application, you can choose from a variety of tokens or projects to monetize your device the way YOU want.

Participate in
Research Projects
Which will change
the world

Net Ninjas gives you access to a variety of BOINC and other projects that are focused on social impact, health initiatives, and humanitarian causes with a click of a button. Help take these initiatives to the next step by adding your device.


Our personal devices are left unused a majority of the day

People want to donate but do not have the funds available or know how to make an impact

Enterprise customers who want to access decentralized services are not able.

Utilize your device for research projects or to earn profits

Choose from a list of non-profits you would like to support and rent your device quickly and easily

Easily choose, integrate, and customize your backend using the Net Ninjas agnostic API.

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Interoperability between different decentralized applications allowing access through a service and platform agnostic API

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Pay-as-you go for the exact amount of services rendered with little to no fees

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Provide payments easily with cryptocurrency or fiat


Meet our team

Rami Hersonsky

Founder, CEO

Rami has more than 14 years of experience as Software Engineer, Team Leader, and System Architect. Besides getting 2nd place in the Israeli math competition, he has also built optimizations for color space algorithms allowing 15X performance. Rami was the CTO of Code Gorillaz before starting Netninjas.

Ohad Cohen

Co-Founder, CTO

Ohad is Blockchain, Network & Security specialist. He brings years of experience managing a multitude of development teams and projects. Additionally, he worked on these while being a teacher's assistant at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. At the latest hackathon Ohad lead his team to implement a decentralized trust-less Poker game on Ethereum .

Isaac Rodgin

Co-founder, COO

Isaac graduated from IDC, Herzliya, with a degree inBusiness Entrepreneurship and a cluster in Computer Science. He has several years of experience focused on green technology, social enterprises, and fintech startups. In his most recent job at Zen Protocol, he helped facilitate their $30 million crowdsale and presale.

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